Whip Cream and Kimchi

hi there. im jinyoungieee or you can call me eva or whatever floats your boat. i love b1a4, exo, and snsd. i like food too! and asks in my inbox would be nice... and some followers. um, yeah. ^^ eva-rlasting.blogspot.com

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you’re cute like a steamed bun

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the duizhang having a stressed day;

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[AUDIO] KBS Good Morning Pop 6-7am logo song (Baekhyun & D.O) (+romanized lyrics)

Tell me your love, 
I wanna be loved
budeuleobge nal
gamssaan anajo
sesang-ui achim-eul
neowa hamkke dan dul-i
maj-ihagoman sip-eo

good morning pops

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KrisYeol intro.

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